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 Title: Home
Author: [personal profile] lybella  (azimmermann on LJ)
Rating: G
Fandom/Pairing: Supernatural - Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Only gratuitous fluff here.
Word Count: 637
Summary: Things start to settle down for Dean and Cas.

Dean recongnized the figure walking down the sidewalk... )
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Title: Listening
[personal profile] lybella 
Fandom: Original - Writing Project
Word Count: 765
Rating: PG for light swearing and off-screen violence.
Summary: When your job is to eavesdrop, can you really get to know someone?
Author's Note: This was written for a class assignment using a visual prompt. The visual for this one was a photograph of an old...good lord I forgot the old recording device. You know, the ones with the two reels? Anyways, the only stipulation was that the story be less than 1000 words. This was my favorite one of the four I had to write since the others had to be chopped and shortened all to hell. Blah. Thanks to 
[personal profile] israfael for the proofreading!


Press the button... )


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 Title: The Ballad of Helen Burman
Author: [personal profile] lybella 
Fandom: Original - Writing Journal
Word Count: 2367
Summary: In which one Helen Burman, age 70-something, wreaks havoc on her convalescent home with the help of an accomplice, some dogs, and a turkey. 
Author's Note: First, everyone in my class was given and picture of an old woman (the same old woman) and 7 questions we had to answer about her based solely on the image. She's smiling, wearing a tiara and a feather boa. The questions were simple, who is she, where does she live, what does she want, etc. It was an exercise in character developing. Then we had to pick another classmates character and writing a story. In it we had to include a turkey, an icicle, a bowl of quinoa, a bejeweled dog collar, hydrochloric acid, gobstopper candy, Cookie Monster, and a Nile Crocodile. (wtf, right? Well that's why those words are bold.) Helen Burman was created by Noel Balon.

My eyes scanned the room... )
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Title: Adventures in Sandwich Making
Author: [personal profile] lybella 
Fandom: Original - Writing Journal
Word Count: 648
Summary: Making a sandwich.
Author's Note: The assignment was to find a picture of a person online. That person was then your character and they had to make a sandwich. The point of it was to practice character development through describing a mundane task, it was actually pretty fun.

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[personal profile] israfael  and I signed up for The Dean/Cas Big Bang Fic Challenge this year with our currently untitled AU fic. Hopefully soon it will have a proper title but so far nothing fits.

Have a progress meter for funnsies:

Most of that is just straight, unedited story. It's even missing a bunch of scenes (I doubt we could write an story start-to-finish, in order, to save our lives) but it is outlined and well on it's way.


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